Cᴀɴ ʏᴏᴜ sᴇᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪɢʜᴛ?



A certain Unovan Elite slowly paced through the halls of the living quarters that he and his colleagues shared, seeming somewhat troubled. A soft sigh rode upon his breath and his brows were firmly furrowed, occasionally quivering as if a bolt of frustration had struck.

“It seems I failed to think this through…”

What on Earth could be troubling the man on this day, of all days? Why, it was a holiday! It was Valntines Day, the annual celebration of romance, affection, and all-around sweet emotions. The big L word was the label of this occasion, but anyone who knew Grimsley knows that love was an idea that his mind was and always had been vacant of. And so, due to his lack of understanding or general concern for it, the number of clinging and cooing couples he saw if he stepped foot in any populated area jumping to a yearly high on the date was quite frankly an annoyance. But, that wasn’t the problem. He’d actually found his own method of enjoying the holiday. If Valentine’s Day was about love, then he’d toss his affections to the only creatures that he did greatly care for: his Pokémon; namely, a certain wine-colored feline who loved to be pampered…

And Grimsley loved to pamper her. He bought her gifts and spoiled her year-round as it was, but Valentine’s Day gave him an excuse to truly go all out. Duchess was the only lady he truly loved, after all, and so, he took advantage of the occasion every year and went on an absolute shopping spree for the finicky feline. As a matter of fact, every year he seemed to buy even more and more than the year before, as if trying to trump the previous year’s haul… but, he may have let his spending get a little too out of hand this time… And the truth of it was, he honestly had no idea how he was going to to transport it all back up here.

The ravenet let out yet another sigh as he stopped his walk to lean against a nearby wall. He’d been pondering the situation nearly all morning and had found no hope of a solution. If he had just another set of arms to assist him, then the crisis would be easily avoided, but, try as he might, he could think of no other person available to help. Everyone had their own holiday hassles to tend to. The Elite really seemed to be on his own with this, and truthfully, he was beginning to scorn himself for it… Why had he put himself in such a mess…?

Well, time is the life of love, after all! As the count of moments spent around someone you care for rises, as does the fondness that is felt for them! So, of course, it’s only natural that the love he felt for his most precious Pokemon had rose in a year’s time! A year contained a countless amount of moments to feed that adoration! And thus, he wished to display just how highly he adored her by showering her in gifts, and that shower being a stronger storm than any he had ever put on before! So of course he’d bought so much!

He just… couldn’t carry it all himself.

As hopeless as it may seem, Grimsley continued to wander through the halls in deep thought. His eyes seemed to trace the tiles of the floor as he walked, but truthfully, he was looking at nothing in particular, lost in his subconscious. That is, until the area around him become notably darker; dark enough that he grabbed his attention, regardless of how lost in thought he had been. The man brought his gaze up, expecting to see himself have wandered back into his own wing—which was rather void of light due to his own preference—but it was not. What other of the four of them besides himself would keep their area so gloomy…?


It was a question he easily knew the answer to. He was a aware of just which of his colleague’s rooms he’d wandered close to… And he knew that—regardless of the fact that nearly every other soul would be out and about— she would still be present in her room on this day.

“… … …”


…How terrible.

Oh, and terrible it was, the ploy that Grimsley devised in that instant. Of course Shauntal would be present in her chambers… And of course she would agree to hear him out. He was well aware of the girl’s fondness for him. Her modesty did a poor job of concealing it, and yet it also had kept them strictly chaste. Even so, that didn’t mean that he wished to take advantage of her—by any methods. He was not a man of that nature. He would truly appreciate her assistance, and after his primary task was dealt with, would thank her properly by granting whatever wish she had. Giving her the opportunity to actually experience this holiday would be a worthy thanks, if he did say so himself. He just had to get her to agree to help him, first.

His mind made up, Grimsley continued down the hall way to set the plan into motion. He paused when he reached a door at the end of hall, behind of which was the writer’s chamber. It was open ever so slightly. The ravenet placed his hand upon it and knocked a couple of times, the force causing it to open a little further.

“Shauntal? The man called as he gave the ajar door a soft shove, his arising voice a warm and smooth croon as he attempted to make himself sound as pleasant to the ears inside as could be; it was a sweet coverture in comparison to the silence that had just filled the area, to such an extent that it pleased even himself. The single word’s sound questioned the girl’s location. He knew that she was, of course, present somewhere within the darkness of the chamber, but as for just where, he did not know, and he would not allow himself to waltz in and find out on his own. Entry without invitation was not a practice he followed, and so, instead, he hovered at the now open door, an expression present upon his face that properly mimicked the allure of his voice as he gazed into the haze of his colleague’s chamber. The brightness of his eyes successfully shone through the seemingly impermeable air, their color only highlighted by the lack of light around him. 


"I have… a question for you.”

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