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Begin the End { Backstory Thread }


Burgh watched as his friend’s eyes began to glisten, worry rising quickly in his chest. “Of… Yes, of course I was…” he mumbled, taking a small step closer when Grimsley lifted a hand and touched his damp cheek. “Giima? What’s wrong?”

But Grimsley was smiling, so there couldn’t be something wrong, could there? All of this was very confusing to Burgh. On any other day he would have pouted and whined until Grimsley told him what on Earth was going on, but the tears on this occasion were the one thing holding it back.


"Grimsley…" the young Thayer began, huffing in exasperation, "I don’t understand. You’re acting so strange…! What in the name of Arceus is going on?" He grabbed the older boy’s hand, gripped it tightly and levelled him with as much of a serious expression as he could manage. 

An entire month. That’s how long it had been since the two had seen each other. A lot of things could change in a month — for Burgh, change was limited to the lack of contact with his friend. But for Grimsley… a lot more than just that had changed, and deep down Burgh knew it. He just didn’t know what, and it was eating him up inside.

The silence stretched on, and it didn’t take much longer for Burgh to cave and start talking again. “Are you moving away?” he asked, not really wanting to know the answer. But he couldn’t take not knowing a second longer. “If I’m the only one you have… please tell me what happened.”

The silence that surged while Grimsley’s emotions swirled raged on, continuing his lack of communication with the person he’d came her to be consoled by in the first place. The troubled Sinclair remained in this state for all too long, none of his friend’s words having the capability of reaching him…

But, his touch had had a different effect; the firm feel of Burgh grabbing his hand tightly brought Grimsley back to his senses, causing him to raise his head, his expression holding a sudden attentiveness. It was then that he was able to take in the sight of his friend’s brooding gaze. The last few phases he spoke were the only ones he was able to hear, but they were the only ones that he needed to reply to.


"Ah…" The boy exhaled, a small bit of nerved laughter riding under his breath. "Forgive me— the thought of you being concerned with me has been weighing on me for all of this time, yet I’m causing just that with such a stunt, aren’t I? I’m sorry, Arti…" 

He paused, taking another moment for a strained chuckle. A weak smile rested upon his face, perhaps as an attempt from the boy to put on a facade to lead his friend to believe everything was alright. But, he knew that wasn’t true; Arti probably knew that by this point, as well.

As his silence grew longer, as did the corners of his lips fall shorter, descending until sitting into a very low frown. He knew that— even here, in a place that held the warm and gentle vibe of a safe haven— he had to face the truth… But, he wouldn’t be facing it alone.

"But… I’m afraid your worry is well-placed," he spoke again, sadly.

"Moving isn’t… quite right." Grimsley answered his friend in a low tone. He then took a moment to turn his head to the side and towards the balcony from whence he came, looking out into the neighboring darkness, knowing exactly what structure was hidden within it. "I’ve— no, we’ve all— been removed: that is no longer my home. No place is my home… All because of my father…”

And, from off that dishearten prologue, Grimsley began telling his whole story to Burgh. He started from the beginning, explaining his lack of presence at the manor and how he’d been brought along to work with his parents daily for hours and hours on end, joining them as they carried out their duties for what his father called ‘future reference.’ He also mentioned how his father had spoke of ‘big things to come,’ leaving that as his explanation for why the heir was required follow behind them everyday. 

The trips to the company had left him exhausted, and he explained how any time he had been at home he had been resting. The moment he would wake up, it was back off into the city with his parents… Except for that one night, that in reality was only a day ago.

Grimsley recited the argument that he’d overheard between his parents and the reaction he’d had to it. His father was hiding something from all of them, and it was at that time that the young heir learned that something very big was happening to all of them, and it was an event that filled his mind and heart with anxious dread all up until the moment that his father gathered all of his family and began a tale of his own, a take that was full of negligence, carelessness, and greed. 

Following the reveal of his father’s mistakes and what would come from it— and fall upon all of them, regardless of their lack of involvement in father’s backfired plan— came the wait for morning, where each and every Sinclair became a victim to their own thoughts and fears of what would become of them, including Grimsley. When morning came, that was no longer their home; as they emptied out onto the streets, all that belonged to them was whatever to carry, which for Grimsley had been his Purrloin. He made sure to mention to his friend that he still had her, knowing that Burgh was well aware of how much she meant to him.

The remainder of the story had came easy: the separation from his family and how he now had no idea of their whereabouts was the only last hurdle. He explained the petulant behavior of his father, even with his current situation, and how he felt truly sorry for the remainder of his family members. Even though they’d never treated Grimsley particularity well in the past, they didn’t deserve to suffer in such a drastic way due to the mistakes of someone else. Grimsley was in a way relieved that he didn’t have to put up with his father’s unbelievable behavior at this time, but he’d known that he in no way wanted to find himself all alone during this time. And so, that need for company and comfort had brought him here to the only person he had left, thus ending his story.


"Arti…" He spoke his friend’s name softly after the moment of silence that had followed the conclusion of his tale. "I want to take some sort of action; I want to attempt to ale this situation… but… I’m in no state for that. Right now, I think I just need a moment of solace…"

It had been a lot of information for one person to take in. Even Grimsley himself, somewhere in his mind, still couldn’t fully believe the situation he was in. Too much had happened too fast and he was still in a state of reeling, his uncontrollable emotions being proof of that. Even now, Grimsley found himself feeling and thinking in ways that he never had before, or at least had never wanted to accept or admit to himself. 

"All I truly know is that… I need you…"

Even after his episode from just a short while ago, Grimsley was finding it hard to express himself to his friend, his pride becoming an obstacle; the difficulty of dropping any and all prior condescension he’d had with his wealth to fully grasp the lack of power and importance he now had was one that cannot be worded. He found himself feeling overbearingly guilty to even think of asking Arti to tend for him like this, but Grimsley had to realize that he was now completely defenseless; he had no right to pride, now, and would have to drop all his inhibitions. 

Looking back up to Arti with one truly tenuous, silently pleading stare, Grimsley spoke his true request: 

"And— if it’s alright— I wish to spend my nights with you…"

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Track: Laura Palmer

Artist: Bastille

Track: The Sharpest Lives

Artist: My Chemical Romance

Album: The Black Parade (2006)

Begin the End { Backstory Thread }


One month without talking to Giima was far, far too long for Burgh to handle.

It had started one weekend, when upon visiting the Sinclair Manor Burgh had been informed by a maid that Grimsley was with his father all day. Though a little deflated he had accepted the fact, after all, there was nothing he could do to change Mr. Sinclair’s schedule. The lively young brunet had nodded and smiled, told the maid to tell his friend that he stopped by, and went back home. It was no big deal, just swing and a miss. He’d catch up with Giima tomorrow.

But then tomorrow came, and Grimsley didn’t. One day was nothing to worry about, but two? His friend would have let him know if he knew he was going to be gone for a while. But maybe he didn’t know? There were too many possibilities, and Burgh just wanted an answer. Wanted to know where his friend had gone.


By the end of the first week Burgh had been to the Sinclair residence at least once a day, sometimes more — but it soon became apparent that he wouldn’t be getting to see Grimsley any time soon. It was always the same story; he was away with his father, he was resting and not to be disturbed, even a blunt dismissal of the young Thayer’s request. So eventually he stopped going, sick of the same answers that told him nothing.

After that Burgh took to sitting in the tree just outside his bedroom, lazing around and watching the Sinclair’s driveway for something, anything. Occasionally a car would pull in or pull out of the property, the staff would come and go, but there was no sign of Grimsley anywhere. The heavy feelings that began to weigh down on the bubbly young teen were unfamiliar to him, made him restless. He had to fight with himself to stay cheerful. Giima wouldn’t want him to be sad, even if he was too proud to say it. It would be something like, "Don’t waste your thoughts on me, it’s pitiful. Worry about yourself for a change." Imagining Giima say that to him made Burgh laugh, brought a smile to his previously gloomy expression.

As the days went by Burgh attempted to remain cheery, distracted himself by playing with Lily and Venipede, doodling in his sketch pad, climbing over the tree outside his balcony; sometimes all three. He would sit in the curve of a branch, sketch pad balanced on his knees and Pokemon cuddled up against his shoulders and head. He would draw whatever came to mind, mostly nature scenes and Pokemon. But at some point he began to draw people, namely one. Page after page was suddenly covered with monochrome sketches of his dear friend Giima, busts and full bodies, hands and clothes, facial expressions and hairstyles. It was the only way he could get it all off his chest, find some silence in his head that buzzed endlessly like a hive full of Combee. And it worked for the most part. If he concentrated enough it felt like he was actually with Giima again.


And then one morning the moving trucks arrived. Burgh’s mind reeled, what in the name of God was happening with Giima? Nothing made sense. Why were there moving trucks? Was Giima leaving? Did he plan on telling his friend any of this? Did he even care what Burgh thought? Did he hate him now or something?

But thankfully, that night the radio silence ended.

It was after midnight when Burgh was alerted to the sound of rustling in the tree outside. He hadn’t been asleep just yet, so when he opened his eyes at the noise he was almost completely awake. When the sound abruptly stopped the young Thayer turned his head slightly, green eyes straining to see through the darkness until —

Oh god. Was he dreaming or was this actually happening?

He stared at the shadowed figure in his doorway for a moment before a grin broke out on his face. Burgh sat up in a flash, flicking his bedside lamp on and very nearly leaping across the room. “Giima!” he whispered in his happiest voice, sliding the balcony door open a little more to let Grimsley in. His friend trudged in slowly, something cautious about the way he moved, but Burgh hardly noticed. “Where on Earth have you been? I was worried about you, you know, with all the moving trucks this morning and whatnot! A message or two would have been nice!”


His voice was stern but it held too much elation to be taken seriously. The brunet nearly lunged in for a hug, but he knew how much Giima would hate that. So he bounced on his heels a little, doing his best to contain the excitement. Grimsley stood stock still, staring at Burgh in silence, and the intensity in his eyes was so raw and powerful that it actually made the younger pause, suddenly take notice of how unusual Grimsley was behaving.

"… Hey, are you… okay?"

His wade at the doorway had not been long, but every passing second that he was alone just drove the young Sinclair to seeks his friend’s company even more desperately. But, then a quick sound came from within the room, one that was too low for him to determine what it was or what was being said if it really was a word spoken from the one he was seeking. Following it was a series of noises— footsteps— which grew closer and closer, louder in volume. And then… his friend’s face was in front of him, visible in the moonlight as he stood pushing the door open, looking onto to him with wide, bright eyes.

He was here… 

Grimsley didn’t have to be alone.

The ravenet found himself drudging into Burgh’s room by his lead. The whole time, he kept his eyes on his friend, watching his every movement and expression while taking in every word he spoke. The genuine smile that sat upon his face at the sight of him… The way his voice fluctuated with excitement while still holding a concerned undertone as he delved for answers, seeking ease to any thoughts that had been on his mind regarding him…

In it’s basic state, Grimsley’s eyes were icy and cold. With his mind still swirling with thoughts from the day behind him, as well as the traces of fear that had rested in his mind of his friend not being here when he stepped through his door still in the process of fully dissipating, Grimsley was sluggish, silent, and his expression was frigid.

Burgh had always been able to read his eyes and detect his emotions; he was perhaps even keener on them than Grimsley himself, who had always held the habit of concealing his true thoughts and feelings. But, on that night and in that moment, the boy had no barriers left, and— for what may have been the very first time— he would be seen by Burgh in an utterly open and defenseless state; Grimsley’s feelings would become known.  

"…You really were worried about me…"

The boy lowered his head, sending his gaze to the floor and off of his friend for the first time since he entered the room. His voice had been weak, but everything about him at the time was weak. He was weak.

"Of course you were worried about me…" he continued, voice growing less meek. He placed his hand against his face and rose back up again. Under his hand, his cheek was moist, tears swelling within his eyes.

He was crying; he was crying in front of Burgh, just as he’d been crying earlier. But, something was different about this time… Instead of being evoked by fear and loneliness as his previous bout had been caused by, this had came from the sight of his friend happily, eagerly, and anxiously approaching him…

There was a smile upon Grimsley’s face.


"You’re the only one who does that…"

Overwhelmed with emotion— happiness from his friend’s care, relief from his appearance, and comfort from his presence— Grimsley remained in that position as tears continued to fall. While it warmed his heart, in a way he felt guilty for making Burgh worry about him, and that thought weighed on the flow of his tears in it’s own, more saddened way. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that his current state was probably doing just that. He needed to explain himself… He needed to tell Burgh what had happened and why these thoughts and emotions were bubbling at his surface… but for the moment, all he could do was bask in his appreciation for having such a soul in his life when he needed him the most. 

"You’re the only one I have."

Track: Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You

Artist: Gotye

Album: Making Mirrors (2011)
Track: Under Your Skin

Artist: Aesthetic Perfection

Album: All Beauty Destroyed (2011)

Begin the End { Backstory Thread }

'One does not simply possess wealth…

…It possesses him.’

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It's Theory Thursday...

{ Tasty Touring : Cress & Grimsley }


The high-rise buildings and bustling traffic of Castelia City was something Cress was just not used to. Though his hometown was quite large it was nothing compared to this place — a mere pinprick on the map next to the monster that was Castelia. Cress looked up at the tips of the buildings as he walked, a delicate frown attempting to find its way onto his face. His fingers scrunched the folded sheet of paper in his hand, tightening his grip unconsciously.

In the back of his mind, he regretted his earlier insistence on coming here. Cilan had gotten his hands on a local Castelia newspaper, and upon seeing the wide variety of rare and exotic produce had insisted that they acquire some for the restaurant. “I’ll go, don’t worry,” Cress had insisted when Cilan volunteered himself for the mission. "We need you to run things here anyway. I’ll be fine."

"I should’ve just let Cilan do this," the blue triplet muttered under his breath.

In all honesty, though Cress would never admit it to anyone, he had a habit of getting himself lost on many occasions. He wasn’t proud of it (which may be why he never admitted it) and would do anything to cover it up; but Cilan was the family’s expert navigator, and Castelia City was a whole different ballpark from the woods outside Striaton. Resigning himself to the task at hand, Cress glanced down at the first address on his crumpled piece of paper, thumb reflexively trying to smooth out the creases while he read. Mode Street… building 6022B… third floor.


… What on Earth did that mean?

A low grumble escaped him, halting his footsteps and looking around for any street signs. He decided to start simple — the street was first. His eyes caught glimpses of signs that led to other street and docks, important buildings and facilities, but no Mode Street. Could this really be any more difficult? At least none of the restaurants regulars where here to see him lose his cool, at least. He really didn’t want to ruin his image.

As a surge of irritation passed over him Cress folded the sheet of paper neatly, teeth clenched and brow furrowed, and strode off in the direction of… well, he wasn’t quite sure. But it had to lead him somewhere.

I’m in this city far too often… 

This was a thought that Grimsley had every time he found himself back in the melting pot of the region, and a thought that he had very often because he always found himself coming back very often…

But, how could he not? It was his hometown, after all, and largest and most engaging city of all of Unova, having more variety for shopping, dining, entertainment, and… well, everying, than any other location. Who could possibly resist such a selection of opportunity? Even this certain Elite found himself taking advantage of what the city had to offer frequently. 

On today’s agenda: to hit a bistro in the artisan area towards the market district which he’d always enjoyed. If was that destination that the man had in mind as he made his way through the less populated alleyways towards the front of the city.

Being from Castelia and having ran the city streets for a large portion of his life, Grimsley didn’t have to stick to the crowded main streets. He preferred to avoid them as much as possible, to be exact; such a handsome and famous face was really at risk for high levels of attention in a brooding crowd. Luckily, though, he knew the layout of the city well enough to know all of its little traveling tricks; every entrance and outcome to every major alley was mapped out perfectly in his head and therefore he could run them with ease.

With this knowlegde on his side, the ravenet could avoid large amounts of people for the majority of his commute until arriving at his destination. The only times that he’d have to step foot onto a busy street is if he had to change to another nearby alley. In these situations, he simply made his way from exit to entrance as quickly as possible.

But, having such an eager pace while stepping onto a busy path sometimes left him cutting off or bumping into some passerby.

The man did just that as he surfaced from one of the darker alleyways, stepping out to stand right in the way of someone on their own commute. 




Grimsley had intended on only letting out a single, simple, word of apology and then quickly turning on his way, but the person he turned to was no ordinary pedestrian, and his gaze dwindled on them for much longer than originally planned.


"Well, well…" the man spoke after their short moment of silence, crooning his head slightly to the side while meeting his fellow celebrity with keen eyes. "Not a face I was expecting to see, but it’s not one I’m upset about. Now, tell me: what would bring you so far from home?"

[ マフラー男子二人 ]
Track: It's About Time

Artist: Young The Giant

Album: Mind Over Matter (2013)
Track: Collide

Artist: Breathe Carolina

Album: Savages (2014)

❥Directions of Affections (May Vary)


Grimsley’s reaction to her response was..unexpected. Sure, being happy was a typical response to something like this, but he seemed really happy about it. Of course she wouldn’t pass up an invitation like this! Maybe he didn’t know that. Hey, maybe Shauntal was good at masking her feelings after all! ….

Oh dear, the compliments kept flowing forth, as did the blood to Shauntal’s face. There was no hiding her pinkened cheeks, that’s for sure.

"Oh, how you flatter me so, Grimsley…"


She let out possibly the most awkward laugh ever until he closed the door, finally leaving. Shauntal couldn’t have been more relieved. She felt like she was about to barf out all of the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. The novella dropped her faint head on her desk, looking at her scattered papers that had her little drabbles on them. How was she going to manage putting up with this all day? What was the day even going to hold?

She bookworm began to recall all sorts of stories she had read and written before about romantic rendezvous. What if he tried to pull something like that?

Or even worse, like that?


She then sat straight up. There was no use in trying to predict what was in store. Grimsley wasn’t exactly cliche, so there was no telling what Shauntal needed to prepare herself for. Whatever it was, she needed to go out there and stop making him wait. This is what she’s been wanting, right?

Then she should be excited!

After her anxiety subsided, she was. She rose to her feet with a feeling of triumph. Her feeling about the situation shifted completely. This is the day she’s caught herself daydreaming about. She just never thought it’d become a reality, and perhaps that’s where the earlier shock came from.

She looked at her wardrobe, wondering if there was any need to try to dress up, or if there was even time to do so at this point. She did a twirl in front of her full body mirror by her writing desk. There was nothing wrong with her normal outfit! Plus, dressing up may be overdoing it for a first date. After doing her normal freshening up ritual, she was off.

She walked along the long corridors of the league building with a cheery stride in her step. However, the nearer she got to the entrance, the more her legs began to feel once more like wet noodles.

She pushed the two entrance doors open, feeling the sun’s rays beam down on her. It was particularly lovely for a day out! She gave Grimsley a smile with a sense of bliss that nearly reflected the suns rays.

"Sorry to keep you waiting! Shall we head off now?"

She felt a little silly for not having an apparent reason for her delay, but the day was still young, giving them lots of time to do… whatever it was her dashing date had in mind.

Nearly the exact second that Grimsley left his little day dream Shauntal’s voice came rising from the descending stairwell which his back faced. The man took a small step backwards, turning his head to look over his shoulders and lay his eyes on his companion for the day.  

“Ahh, there she is,” he beamed, face bright as he was eager to get their activities underway. Though apologetic at the moment, he girl’s voice seemed much more chipper than it had been a short while ago. Grimsley was glad to hear that she was starting to unwind her nerves just a tad around him; that would make this day easier on the both of them.

“Nonsense,” He started, dismissing the notion with brisk wave of his hand and flashed smile. “That wasn’t very long, at all. Now…”

He turned from the girl, standing to face the vast horizon sprawled out beneath the mountaintop on which they stood. He fiddled at the area beneath the flaps of his suit jacket, retaining a single Poke ball from it. Swiftly, he brought the device into use by releasing the creature inside: Akakios, his hydreigon and solemn form of transportation across the region. Kio hovered in front of his trainer for a moment, giving a short squall of greeting to the man, as well as acknowledging his companion with a few beady stares from his two lesser important heads.

The dragon was all-in-all a very large and intimidating creature, but his fearsome looks had long had no effects on Grimsley. He did wonder how Shauntal would feel about his friend, though, especially since she would have to get up close and personal with him very shortly— as well as Grimsley, himself…

After a short and simple hand signal from his trainer, the Dragon-type knew exactly what his duty would be in that moment. With no further sound, the massive Pokemon floated down to lay on the ground, tattered wings laid down beside him. Grimsley strode forward, stopping only after one of his feet rested hiked up upon Kio’s back. He then turned back to face his companion, extending one of his arms towards her.

“Shall we?” He proposed softly, looking down upon the girl from his new vantage point with humble eyes.

“Unless you have your own method that you’d prefer, that is.”